A free one-hour documentary, Watch This! is a multi-perspective meditation on the nature of political and creative dissent and the government's response in a post 9-11world.

Shot almost exclusively during the Republican National Convention in New York, this film will surprise you about what really went on in the streets of NYC. A series of personal stories are intertwined to form a disjointedly coherent vision of reality. This complex reality breaks through the superficial nature of current political and social discourse. 

Download this film and join us on a journey into the darkening of the American night. 

Shot, edited, and produced in 40 days, Watch This! is being distributed for FREE as a high-quality download using traditional web sites as well as file-sharing technologies, such as bit-torrent

The Film is now available in quicktime format as a download in three parts. These are large downloads (100-200 megs each) so you might want to right click on the link and save to your hard drive.

Watch This! Part 1 - Opening and Critical Mass

Watch This! Part 2 - UFPJ

Watch This! Part 3 - A31 and Closing

Download a DVD Quality Mpeg Darkening of the American Night

For more information contact: [email protected]