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Guerilla Projection on FBI Headquarters Highlighting Suppression of Dissent

October 2nd, 2010 - One week after a nationally-coordinated series of FBI raids seizing computers and documents, issuing grand juries subpoenas and harrasing antiwar activists in Minneapolis, Chicago, California and North Carolina. A group of activists and video artists executed a guerrilla projection on the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to highlight the new government campaign to define nonviolent solidarity with groups in Palestine, Lebanon and Colombia as terrorism.


Unity Projection on Ground Zero mosque September 9th, 2010

September 9,2010 Using the universal symbols of the earth, circle, and equality sigh mixed in with words unity and equality in a dozen different languages this is an attempt to recontexualize the ground zero mosque in such a way that the right can no longer use it as a rallying point for islamophobia and hate.

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4th Anniversary of Iraq War
Peace Projection at Ground Zero:

On March 20th GBC executed a Guerrilla projection project that consisted of a candle light vigil in front of Ground Zero accompanied by a Guerrilla projection light show on the surrounding Buildings. Below is some of the video and press about the action.

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Video By MyHumanComputer



Press and other links: New York Magazine, Gothamist Report of Event, MyHumanComputer,

Peace Projection March 7th, 2007

Projection on Verizon Building by Ground Zero


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